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The Family Inclusion Network of Western Australia Inc. (Fin WA Inc.) provides advocacy and support services to parents and family members who have had their children placed in ‘out of home care’ i.e. foster care or relative care. Families who seek our assistance are involved with statutory workers from the department of Child Protection & Family Support. Parents who are at risk of having their children placed in care, grandparents and other affected family members can also access the service.

Fin WA’s mission is to ‘have a child protection system that is respectful and inclusive of parents, family, and community as key stakeholders’.

This website provides information about the statutory authority and legal processes involved when the Department of Child Protection & Family Support becomes involved in a family’s life. This website also seeks to provide insight and understanding into the grief, loss and dis-empowerment experienced by parents and family members when a child is placed in ‘out of home care’.

Please consider the various sections of our website, however, if you require further information or you would like to speak to us, or you would like to make a comment about our service, you are most welcome to contact us.

The Experiences of Parents and Families with Children and Young People in Care – Research Paper

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