How do I make a complaint?

If you are dissatisfied or unhappy with something that is happening in your case, and you have tried to discuss the matter with your case worker and you haven’t been able to resolve it, you can submit a formal complaint to the Department’s Complaints Management Unit (CMU) to look into the problem. You can do this by:

• completing a complaints form

• ring the CMU for assistance (08) 9222 2594 or 1800 013 311

Your complaint will be written up and the Director from your district will try and address your concerns with you.

You will receive a letter regarding the outcome of the investigation. If you are not satisfied and you want the complaint looked at again, you can take the letter back to the CMU for further investigation.

When you receive the outcome of this, if you are still not satisfied you can take the complaint outside of the department to the Ombudsman of Western Australia by telephoning (08) 9220 7555 or 1800 117 000 (country free call).

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