What can Fin WA do for me?

Fin WA can assist families who have had their children placed in out of home care or who are at risk of going into care by providing information, advocacy and support. Our role is to help you be more involved and proactive in the child protection process so that you can participate as a key person in your child’s life.

We provide one to one case work by attending meetings you may have with the department, supporting you at court, assist with mediation and negotiation between you and the Department and in consultation with you make referral to appropriate services.

We also provide emotional support and understanding to help you cope with the trauma and difficulties you are experiencing as a result of having had your child/ren taken from your care.

We can provide you with information such as referrals to other agencies and we can provide a Tip Sheet with ideas and a document called Finding Your Way with the Department which has a lot of information about how to manage the system.

It is crucial that if you don’t understand something that has been said or written down that you ask questions. It is also important to attend any meetings or court appearances and to always keep you contact arrangements with your children; if you are unsure of anything – ring and ask someone i.e. your case worker (if he/she isn’t available ask for the team leader or duty officer), a support worker or Fin WA.

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