Will you help me get my kids back?

One of the fundamental principles that Fin WA believes is that parents and family members are central to the assessment, decision making and planning for children when they go into care or are at risk of going into care. Therefore family needs to partake in the process as fairly and equally as possible. We will work alongside you to assist in developing a respectful relationship with the Department as collaboration and partnership are central to the best outcomes for your children. We cannot ever ensure or guarantee that we can ‘get your kids back’; our commitment is to work with you and the Department to help you both engage in a workable relationship.

We recognise that when children go into care parents experience anger, grief, confusion, shock and a range of emotions. It is understandable that it is extremely difficult to engage with the Department when they have removed (or there is a threat to remove) your children. We help to bridge this difficult gap by assisting you to develop coping skills and communication strategies so that you can focus on addressing the concerns the Department have. We also assist the Department to understand how perplexing, confusing and traumatising it is to have your children placed in care and that engaging with you with empathy, respect and regard will help.

Our focus is to provide you with information and build on your strengths so that you feel better equipped to communicate and negotiate with the Department

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