Does Fin WA accept that the best interests of the child must be paramount?

Fin WA accepts that all parties involved in the child protection process have the ‘best interests’ of children as their focus. Fin WA understands that there are varying perspectives and interpretations to the meaning of ‘best interests of the child’.

Fin WA believes that every child has the right to being safe from abuse and neglect and that a child’s safety and wellbeing are paramount. Fin WA believes that wherever possible this is best provided by the family and that some families will need support and encouragement to do so. Fin WA also believes that if children need to be placed in out of home care, they have the right to a meaningful relationship with their family whereby they have a strong sense of identity and culture.

Principally Fin WA does not separate the best interest of the child from also being in the best interest of the family.

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