Will Fin WA cause problems between parents and foster carers?

Fin WA is committed to seeking inclusive and respectful processes in the child protection system of which foster carers are an important and essential part. Fin WA does not have any direct involvement with foster carers and at all times we advocate for respectful and positive relationships between different parties.

When parents know the foster carers are willing to establish a positive relationship with them we know this often helps to alleviate stress and anxiety on the parents which in turn allows parents to focus more on improving their life circumstances and work toward either being reunified with their children or having an ongoing meaningful relationship with their children.

Fin WA will advocate for finding ways of assisting parents and carers to have a positive relationship as we know that children benefit from seeing their parents and carers getting on and working together to provide a stable and happy environment for them.

There are many excellent foster carers in the community and most often parents are very grateful for the support and care they provide their children. It is understood that sometimes conflict may occur between parents and foster carers. Often this is due to misunderstandings and preconceived misgivings about the other party. At these times Fin WA staff will do all they can to ensure respectful, appropriate and professional relationships are developed.

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