Does Fin WA believe all children must be returned to the care of their parents no matter what the circumstances?

Fin WA acknowledges that there are times when it is best for children to be placed in out of home care; although this is distressing for parents sometimes it provides parents the time and space to address the issues that have led to statutory involvement. Fin WA will always support and advocate that parents be given the opportunities and supports to assist them in addressing these issues to give them the best chance to have their children returned home.

Fin WA also acknowledges that at times it is not possible for children to return to their families and long term out of home care is required for the child’s stability and security. In this situation we will support and advocate for parents to participate respectfully and equally in the planning and ongoing care of their children. It is also imperative that the relationship between the children and parents is upheld as integral to the wellbeing of everyone.

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