Why are children removed from the care of parents?

There are usually multiple and complex reasons for a child being removed from the care of their parent. Sometimes the difficulties encountered by parents are so overwhelming that they may make decisions or behave in ways that means the child is at serious risk of harm or has been harmed.

Parents who become involved in statutory intervention are often experiencing issues such as insecure housing, domestic or family violence, alcohol or drug misuse, criminal activity, mental health problems and disability (of parent or child); often parents are struggling financially due to limited educational and employment opportunities, are often isolated, many have been raised in care themselves and others may have had poor parenting role models. Often there is a combination of factors that may raise concerns for the department.

Regardless of the reason for a child being placed out of the home, parents love their children and are very distressed to be separated from them. Children also love their parents and experience distress and grief at being removed.

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