Why does Fin WA support parents who have had child protection authorities remove their children from their care?

Fin WA supports parents because we believe they are a ‘silent voice’ in the child protection process. Most parents and families feel overwhelmed, fearful and uninformed in dealing with child protection authorities. Fin WA’s mission is ‘to have a child protection system that is respectful and inclusive of parent, family and community as key stakeholders.’

Children and young people are fundamentally part of their family and therefore to separate the best interest of the child without consideration of the family unit is inherently difficult. Parents are key stakeholders in the present and future lives of their children and therefore their respectful inclusion in the decision making process is essential.

A child’s parent has an enormous impact upon the mental and emotional wellbeing of a child. Regardless of what a child’s parent does or doesn’t do, the child may feel some responsibility, guilt or shame for their family situation. Parents who are able overcome the problems that led to their children being removed and regain full responsibility for their child/ren is a rewarding and healthy outcome for the children, parent and general community.

Statutory involvement is complex, overwhelming and frightening for parents and families. Due to the statutory role of child protection workers the relationship between parents and workers is often fraught with fear, anger, mistrust and resistance. This tension that exists can become destructive to working toward the best outcomes for children and it is Fin WA’s role to help parents and workers engage in respectful working relationships.

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