Does Fin WA have a spokesperson available to comment on child protection issues?

The issue of child protection is very delicate and extremely complex. Therefore, only those who have been appointed to be a spokesperson will explain issues that affect parents, family members and other professionals who specialise in this area of work. Those appointed will do their best to respond to general media requests given time constraints. At this time the chairperson of Fin WA can make public comments or a member or staff member who has been appointed by the committee or chairperson to do so.

Fin WA may be able to provide journalists with access to parents for interviews, but parents will determine if they wish to participate or not. Where a request is granted, there must be a guarantee that no names or other identifying factors (e.g. photos) are released or published.

Please email or phone Fin WA by using the ‘contact’ section on this website. We understand journalists require quick access to spokespeople and we will endeavour to respond quickly.

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