What do I do if a birth parent comes to me for help?

Many parents who have had their children removed from their care don’t know where they can go for help. You might be their first professional contact and a family member or friend may have recommended they speak with you. It is likely the parent is anxious, agitated, angry and extremely sad – and all at the same time. This is an incredibly traumatic time for a parent and tremendous care is required. Listen to the person and honour their experience. It is possible they just need to talk. You may be able to assist them to make contact with Fin WA.

Where a positive relationship exists between a service provider and a parent, we would encourage it to continue. Due to the number of parents seeking assistance and the limited resources of Fin WA, we will not be able to work with all parents requiring our assistance. Therefore it is important that if it is possible that you maintain your relationship with the parent and assist them in their dealings with the Department. It is also possible for Fin WA staff to provide you, the service provider with information, support and advice on how to act on behalf of the parent with the Department.

Fin WA is committed to supporting service providers to assist parents to engage positively with the child protection system. Fin WA is willing to attend your workplace and provide an information session to your staff. Alternatively as mentioned above, one to one advice can be given in regards to direct client work on the phone or via email.

Fin WA is facilitating bi-monthly Practitioner Forums for service providers working with families involved with the Department. The forum is a ‘safe’ place for workers to share practice concerns and experiences. If you are interested in participating call the office on (08) 9227 5818 to be placed on the email/invite list.

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