Fin WA advocacy workers provide one to one case management based on agreed goals which will be regularly reviewed. A worker may assist a family by attending at Children’s Court, participating in meetings the family will have with the department of Child Protection & Family Support, assist in complaints or appeals processes such as the Case Review Panel, and make appropriate referrals such a legal aid.

The emotional experience of parents and family members ranges from grief, shock, anger and hopelessness, therefore, it is an essential part of the workers role to provide support, and where necessary make appropriate referrals.

Fin WA provides regular Information and Support Sessions in various locations. These sessions cover a range of topics from general legal information to departmental processes such as ‘how to make a complaint?’ or ‘what should I know about permanency planning?’

Due to the minimal resourcing currently made available to Fin WA it is possible we won’t be able to provide one to one service to all the families seeking our assistance, therefore, we offer phone advice and support. In particular we will provide assistance via phone or email to other service providers who are working with families involved in the child protection system. If our resources are available, a worker may attend court or a critical meeting that a parent or family member may have with the department – this may be provided as a ‘one off’ support to families.

Fin WA provides services to parents and family members whose children have been placed or are at risk of being placed in ‘out of home care’. Families may access our service at any stage of their involvement with the child protection system.

Fin WA also assists families to understand the reasons for children being placed in ‘out of home care’; insight is also provided to statutory authorities on the perspective of the family and the often complicating factors that may have led to the circumstances where intervention was required. We also assist parents to develop their confidence to more effectively communicate and engage with departmental workers and support them to overcome the issues that may have led to their child being placed in out of home care.

Fin WA seeks to affect positive change in government policy on child protection by the respectful inclusion of parents and family members as key stakeholders in the processes of information gathering, assessment and planning.

We seek to promote the positive role that parents and families have in the lives of their children and the importance of keeping family identity and culture as central to children’s lives. Also essential is that ongoing relationships between children and their family are meaningful and sustainable for the long term benefits of children’s emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing. This will be promoted in all possible forums in the community such as the media.

Fin WA seeks to inform and promote the ‘voice’ of families involved in child protection via information sharing and training. This is made available to community groups and organisations, students, academics and researchers and various government departments including the department of Child Protection & Family Support, and politicians.

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